eiACE Power-Up Webinar – July 27

A first of its kind, the EIACE Webinar Series debuts with lectures from Will Akers, Steve Kaplan, Carole Kirschner, and Ellen Sandler. These industry-leading educators will provide instruction through 20-minute segments, live at the Relativity School Studio in LA.

Thank you to everyone who attended this live Webinar! A recorded version will be available to purchase shortly. To receive notification when it is available, please contact us or click the button below.

Will Akers - How to Beat Writers Block

Few things are as difficult to conquer as writers block. I will address this maddening puzzle with techniques to decide if the material you're writing is correct for you, how to insure you and those around you treat your time with respect, avoiding self-censoring, how research can destroy your story, and the incredibly helpful Random Thoughts outline. I'm big on handouts, so you'll get my favorites, including how to shut off the Internet while you work, one from Don Roos and another from Jerry Seinfeld (who hates to write!).

Because a writer's paralysis is often based on fear the work won't be good, I will show you specific, low-angst tasks to power through the doldrums. And, I'll leave you with my recently-discovered theory on the lowly typewriter, the ultimate cure for writers block!

Steve Kaplan - The Most Common Error When Writing a Comedy

As the saying goes, "Dying is hard, but comedy's harder." But many writers make it even harder on themselves by making this one common error when starting to work on a comedy feature or pilot. In this short, interactive talk geared towards writers, directors and producers, we'll start to explore what comedy is, how it works, why it works, what's happening when it's not working, and what you can do to fix it.

Carole Kirschner - How to Give Great Meeting

It covers generals, pitch meetings and for TV writers, Showrunner Meetings. Everything from prep to follow up.

Ellen Sandler - Power Up Your Premise Line

If you struggle to capture the essence of your story and turn it into a vibrant pitch line, this practical seminar will show you how—a step by step guide to creating a powerful premise—your first and most important tool for pitching, and even more important, for writing:

  • How your character drives your premise
  • The defining qualities that create the structure of your premise
  • How to get your passion into your premise
  • How to put it all together for a powerful punch
  • Learn More About the Speakers:

    Author of Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways To Make It Great, William M. Akers is a WGA Lifetime Member and has had three feature films produced from his screenplays. He has written for studios, independent producers, and the major television networks. Akers teaches screenwriting in the Motion Pictures Program at Belmont University and gives writing workshops around the world, including London, Beijing, and Paris. He speaks French and was a Jeopardy! contestant. He didn’t win. View Full Bio
    For years, Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert on comedy. In addition to having taught at UCLA, NYU, Yale and other top universities Steve created the HBO Workspace, the HBO New Writers Program and was co-founder and Artistic Director of Manhattan’s Punch Line Theatre. Steve has consulted with Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Aardman Animation, HBO and others, and has taught his seminar in LA, New York, London, Paris, Kiev, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. He's the author of The Hidden Tools Of Comedy, and his upcoming book, The Comic Hero's Journey, (to be published by Michael Wiese Productions in 2018.) View Full Bio
    Carole Kirschner is the Director of the Writers Guild of America’s Showrunner Training Program and the CBS Diversity Writers Mentoring Program, as well as an author and international speaker. In her role as an entertainment career coach she helps aspiring writers, producers, directors and executives navigate Hollywood as they bust through barriers, break in and move up in the business. Her book, Hollywood Game Plan: How to Land a Job in Film, TV and Digital Entertainment is published by Michael Wiese Publishing. View Full Bio
    Ellen Sandler received an Emmy nomination for her work as a Writer/Co-Executive Producer of the CBS hit series, Everybody Loves Raymond. She has been on staff of many prime time half hours, and has developed more than a dozen pilots. She is the author of The TV Writers Workbook, a top selling handbook for writers and used as a text in many screenwriting programs both in the US and abroad. View Full Bio