David Misch

David Misch has been a comic folksinger, stand-up comedian and screenwriter. He’s written, created and/or produced programs for all the major networks and many of the major (and minor) cable outlets, including the multiple-Emmy-nominated “Mork & Mindy,” the Emmy-losing “Duckman,” the Emmy-ignored “Police Squad!,” the Emmy-engorged “Saturday Night Live,” and the Emmy-ineligible “The Muppets Take Manhattan.”

David’s written A Beginner’s Guide To Corruption and his Funny: The Book has been called “the best book on comedy ever written by David Misch.” He’s also been published in The American Bystander and the anthologies May Contain Nuts, Faith: Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists Confront the Big Questions, Horrific Humor and the Moment of Droll Grimness in Cinema and the forthcoming Robin Williams: The Man and His Films, and on the web in HuffPost, Vulture and National Lampoon. His play “Occupied” is in development at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles.

David’s taught his own comedy courses at USC and UCLA; and spoken about comedy at the Smithsonian Institute, Oxford University, Austin Film Festival, Second City (Chicago), Actors Studio, Yale, Columbia, Raindance Film Festival (London), University of Sydney (Australia), Lucasfilm, Sony, Disney, 92nd St. Y, American Film Institute, Groundlings Theater, Grammy Museum, Second City, Burbank, San Diego and North Carolina Comedy Festivals, and the SATE Themed Entertainment, Midwest Popular Culture Association and VIEW Cinema (Torino, Italy) conferences.

More at davidmisch.com and funnythebook.com.