William M. Akers

I'm a screenwriter, novelist, teacher, and script consultant. Because I make part of my living as a writer, I understand story and character on a deep level and bring that expertise to my consulting. My story notes are incredibly thorough and give both big picture and line notes. I read a script once, mark it in red ink. I read it again and write on it in blue ink. The third read, I dictate around 40 minutes to an hour of my thoughts (if transcribed, c. 20 single spaced pages) and email that to the client. When they have digested the written and audio notes, we talk. In 20+ years, I've never had a client who wasn't thrilled.

"Akers would do anything for me. Akers would take a bullet for me."
James Crenshaw, former student

My job is to do whatever it takes to help writers improve and I've been doing that and enjoying it since 1992. Because I'm a writer, teacher, and script consultant, I know how many ways there are to get writers to make their stories work. Many of my clients are unaware of how much better their scripts can be and I'm there to help them find their path to FADE OUT. Through a combination of questions, real-life criticism, suggestions, notes scribbled on the pages, and lots of encouragement, I am very, very good at extracting the best work writers are capable of -- often surprising them by how much farther they went than they ever dreamed.