eiACE Power-Up Webinar – August 17

With more members of eiACE, the second webinar in the Power-Up Webinar Series features Jennifer Dornbush, Danny Manus, and Dara Marks. These industry-leading educators will provide instruction through 20-minute segments, live at the Relativity School Studio in LA.

Thank you to everyone who attended this live Webinar! A recorded version will be available to purchase shortly. To receive notification when it is available, please contact us or click the button below.

Jennifer Dornbush - 11 Crime Story Types For Thriller, Procedural, and Crime Drama Content Creators

Who doesn’t love a great crime story or thriller? Turn on the TV, cable, or streaming channel anytime of the day or night and you will find a crime program to watch. Our thirst for crime dramas is almost insatiable. Crime is a hot seller both in domestically and in foreign markets. Become aware of the 11 crime story types and which ones are the best fit for your next binge-worthy project!

Danny Manus - The 5 C's Every Pitch Needs

Other than writing a great script, pitching is the most important skill a writer needs to master to have a long-term career. We'll go through the 5 C's every pitch must contain to be successful - Context, Concept, Characters, Conflict, and Confidence. How to use these C's to structure your pitch, powerfully convey your story, and why you're the best writer to write it. We'll cover what each of these C's entail, how much detail to give, choosing the right comps for your story, and we'll even take a couple sample pitches!

Dara Marks - Getting To The Gold

While most films today are virtually overloaded with imaginative ideas that are skillfully designed to excite, thrill and tantalize, they are also surprisingly uninspiring and exceptionally forgettable. What’s missing in too many modern stories is that intangible element that connects the life of the characters to the lives of those in the audience. This missing connection is there for the discovery if the writer is willing to first seek it within. While this can feel like a daunting task, it is made easier with some essential techniques that will enhance your ability to bring stories fully to life.

Learn More About the Speakers:

Jennifer Dornbush is a speaker, forensic specialist, and writer who helps other storytellers create high stakes, entertaining crime dramas while also employing current, authentic, and realistic forensic methods. She teaches seminars and speaks on writing crime fiction for screen and novel, surviving and thriving the artist’s life, the novelization process of scripts, crime scene science, forensic fundamentals, and death investigation. View Full Bio
Danny Manus is one of the most in-demand script consultants as CEO of No BullScript Consulting and author of “No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective.” He was ranked one of the “Cream of the Crop” script consultants in CS Magazine and named one of ScreenCraft’s “25 People Writers Should Follow on Twitter”. His clients include finalists or winners of the ABC/Disney Fellowship, Austin Film Festival, PAGE Awards, Nashville Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, etc. He has consulted on films including Strangerlands starring Nicole Kidman, I, Frankenstein with Aaron Eckhart, and In-Lawfully Yours with Marilu Henner. He’s a Development Consultant for Symerra Productions and was previously the Director of Development for Clifford Werber Productions (Sydney White, Just Add Water), where he sold “To Oz” to United Artists. He was also a Development Consultant for Eclectic Pictures (Lovelace) and DOD at Sandstorm Films (The Covenant, 8MM2). Danny has appeared on numerous podcasts, BBC radio, is a columnist for ScriptMag, a judge for PAGE Awards, and has been a speaker at Austin Film Festival, the Producer’s Guild of America, Kansas City Film Fest, and dozens of other major writing conferences. View Full Bio
Dara Marks, Ph.D. is a leading international script consultant, seminar leader, and author of one of the top selling books on creative writing, Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc. She has specialized in the analysis of the modern screenplay for the past three decades, and Creative Screenwriting Magazine consistently rated her one of the top script consultants in Hollywood. Currently, Dara leads seminars world-wide and is an adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. View Full Bio